Follow up: March’s Amusement

March was a big month; tutorialtastic closed, I nearly had a mental breakdown because of work pressure & whilst driving, I gave way to a sofa for the very first time. However, it was going back over Easily Amused that struck a chord with me most today, purely because Isabel hasn’t changed at all.

Today, for example, we were driving back from seeing my niece & nephew (and their very pregnant mum) and Isabel started laughing…

Me: “What are you laughing at darling?”
Isabel: “The trees!”
Me: “Are they funny?”
Isabel: “Yes [giggling]”
Me: “Are you crazy, Izzy?”
Isabel: “YES! [more giggling]”

And then this evening, completely randomly and unrelated to nothing that was happening at the time she pokes Karl and says “Daddy’s got his willy on!”

I just … yeah. There isn’t a day goes by where I don’t laugh at something she’s said, or something she’s done. She’s insane. No idea who she gets it from, Karl and I are completely normal. Ish.

Follow up: February’s Move to WordPress (Again)

In February, I made the decision to move back to WordPress after over two years of using my own blog system / Habari. It was a combination of lack of time to keep things secure (compared to WordPress which has single-click upgrade) and the need to have somewhere I could quickly “just write” without juggling… read full entry »

Weird Dream of School ‘Chums’

And by chums I totally mean the assholes that tormented me for 5 years. I wasn’t a “popular kid” at school (I know you’re not surprised by this). I was different before it was cool to be different. Short boyish haircut, knackered old Doc Martins, purple tights and mismatched socks. I didn’t listen to the… read full entry »

Follow up: January’s Separation Anxiety

In January, I talked about Isabel’s (normal) separation anxiety and how that impacted upon her start to nursery. I was worried about how she would adapt to being cared for primarily one-on-one to a) having to share a carer and b) not have free access to the boob. She settled quicker than I anticipated and… read full entry »

Following up on…

While I was in the shower the other morning (all my best posts come from in-shower or on-toilet bursts of inspiration, FYI) I realised that I’d posted several things lately and not followed up on then. This means that my dear readers could be sat there in mental turmoil about what the hell is going… read full entry »

Weird Food Aversions

I guess it’s hard to sum up my food aversions with Isabel, as I had problems with all food. This time it’s different though… I’m having some particularly odd cravings and, at the opposite end of the scale, food that turns my stomach just thinking about it. I’ve already mentioned that I’m eating a lot… read full entry »

Beansprout Scan

Finally got ’round to scanning this in: Dates spot on (unsurprisingly; such is the benefit of having a very predictable cycle) — due 02nd June 2012 as mentioned previously. The morning sickness is, thankfully, backing off. As long as I eat every 1.5hrs I don’t get nauseous/spew. The downside is that this is way more… read full entry »

Not Impressed by The Well Hung Meat Company

This post has several follow-ups: Going Back to Well Hung Meat A little bit more meat My cheaty leftover-lamb curry I am also now a regular customer of Well Hung Meat. Minds out of the gutter, please. I’m referring to Well Hung Meat the organic meat box delivery company, nothing more sinister. I don’t think… read full entry »

Server Downtime – Planned Maintenance

Clook are having a planned server move thingy this weekend which means my site will be unavailable from 10pm-6am GMT on the 26th November (Saturday). I have no idea what that is in foreign times, but probably smack bang in the middle of the day. My email should be fine because it’s hosted elsewhere. This… read full entry »

Isabel is Weaning

Except by weaning, I mean weaned. But if I write weaned all official like that in my title it’ll mean it’s true, and I don’t think I can handle that at the moment :( Truth be told she’s not had a feed that involved actual milk transfer in well over a month (early October). She’s… read full entry »


I, err, wasn’t going to post about this for a while… but given that I’ve gone into hibernation mostly and people are questioning wtf I’m doing with myself these days, I might as well. I’m pregnant (bundle of cells currently cheesily-nicknamed Beansprout, thanks Katy) — currently 9 weeks 1 day &#8212 due 2nd June 2012…. read full entry »

Ultimately failier than you

So, I had my second driving test yesterday. Perfect drive – probably one of my best. Remembered all the mirror signal manoeuvre crap, pulled off a perfect parallel park, avoided several knobbers driving over my side of the bloody road, wasn’t affected by the rain. All going GREAT. And then it’s the independent driving part,… read full entry »