In an attempt to suppress the incessant need to spawn new layouts, as mentioned in my last post, I have decided to hell with it.. I’ll simply fall on to Phil’s advice and bring back a style-switcher and several older layouts along with it.

This idea was easier said than done, as I discovered the majority of my old website content, images etc are in folders called “old stuff”. Each zipped, and then added to another folder called “old stuff” as the years have gone on. Cue zip files 4-5 deep, filled with zips and more folders, with no labelling and no way of telling what everything is without manually going through each thing. Arse.

Nonetheless, patience prevailed. The layouts I’ve had chance to add so far are listed on the ol’ Style Override page and I’m willing to take suggestions as to other layouts you guys would like to see re-added. However, bear in mind that I’m working with the structure created specifically for the default layout, so anything too “exotic” will need to be hacked or boshed to make it work. Likewise, older layouts may need updated imagery or navigation placement to fit into what my site is today.

I think this is the longest post ever, just to tell you “I added new styles”. :S


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    On the ‘hues of blue’ your navigation (specifically the dotted underline) extends out of the sidebar. I’m so glad this one is back though. :)

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    Ahhhh, cheers for that Amber. I made a change to the “base styles” spreadsheet and it cocked things up further down, oops. ;)

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    *has chosen Mint Choc Chip* I love that one. My favorite layout of yours was a 3 column one… or well it had 3 columns on the main page… I think it was version11. It had some circles shape thingies as background.. and it was red and gray… I think… *has a sudden large memory gap*

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    I think I will be sticking with the default layout for now. Although, I do like the Mint Choc Chip layout very much, I like the default better. Can’t wait to see the other themes you decide to put up.

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    its all about the mint choc chip :D I like having lots of different layouts – I get bored easily – I like listing the bestt of the old ones on one page or another :D

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    Ha! I knew you’d give into peer pressure in the end! On a serious note, cheers for the Style Sheet Switeroonie Thingamibob. Now I can read you stuff in style (sheet). :-)

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    i’m a big fan of the hues of blue as well ~_~ but they’re all great. i’ve really enjoyed this current one tho. so i think i’ll stick with it for now XD

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    I think Vera and I are think of the same one… Which is nice, because now I don’t have to describe it. But I don’t know, because I remember it being from a LONG time ago. Hm.

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    Now you have me going crazy. I like them all except for the rainbow, but it isn’t the design that I don’t like it is the colors. But that is my problem, not yours, Jem. Love the choice.

  10. Shaun says

    Nice idea. Will you be adding new layouts to the style switcher as well? I’d like to let you know that there are some issues in “Mint Choc Chip” and “Rainbow”. The sidebar and content in MCC start just below the flower pattern, covering the website name and stuff. In Rainbow, the main content is fine but the sidebar starts about 25 pixels too high. I’m using Internet Explorer 7.

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    Oh, nifty. I did like the layout you had (the default one), but choco mint or whatever its name is just screamed of “Hey! I KNOW you MISSED me! CLICK ME! CLICK ME!”

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    Betcha can’t guess whicn theme I chose. ;) Although it (Rainbow) is kind of wonky in IE 7. One day I should really install Firefox on my latop.:P

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    This is great! Now I get to use one of my favourite layouts of yours: Mint Chocolate Chip (or whatever you’ve called it).

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    Nice idea :). Although, you’ve had so many layouts I can’t remember any specific ones :D. I chose the “Mint Choc Chip” :).

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    I’d like to let you know that there are some issues in “Mint Choc Chip” and “Rainbow”. @Shaun: thanks for that. Will take a look at them at some point today :)

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    Wow, I love the rainbow skin the colors are really… refreshing! Just so you know you’re having issues with the comments again though (I’m using IE 7).

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    Aaaahh shit. Thanks for the heads up Matt. I don’t have IE7 on me so I’m having to make it up as I’m going along here.. :(

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    No problem… the comments seem to be working fine again now but now your sidebar/content is overlapping your navigation :S

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    oh FUCK! I fucking fixed that earlier, and have only gone and bloody overwritten it with the updates to the comments. A pox on IE, a pox on it I tell ya!

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    Yeah for real IE is the effing devil. I hate getting certain elements to look perfect in Firefox and then having them jump all over the screen in *ANY* version of IE. Yay for “hues of blue”. :D

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    The one I really want you to add back is an older one from ’06 I believe. It was a dark scheme, and it had rainbow circles on the sidebar (left hand side.) If you know which one I’m talking about, then damnit, I want it added so I can use it! /demands

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    I think the first layout I saw for Jemjabella was Hues of Blue. But I feel like sticking with the default one; I can’t explain why :P

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    Is this gray / blue / red one the one I loved so much and wanted you to bring back? Not sure if it was this one, or this is a new ‘un. Either way, me loves it! I’dv suggest you changed the visited links from black to something easier to spot…after I’d changed the style, the links I’d visited previously were almost hidden in the text.

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    Ew my comment got cut off :( I was just asking, do you still have the green theme with the rainbow colored navigation links, the one inspired by that book thing, the beginners guide to the galaxy (or some such.. thing. My memory fails me!) The nav was so fun to play with :D

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    @Matt: That’s Rainbow on the list, but I couldn’t implement the navigation because the structure of my site is so different now :(

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    *DIES* … *STILL DEAD* I knew I’d seen the color scheme before, I thought maybe you’d revamped it a little but I was hoping… *sniff*