Not an End of Year Reflection

I was going to do one of my traditional “reflect on the year” thingies, but it occurred to me that there’s not much point. I have actually done very little this year that I intended to. Oh sure, I finally managed to get NinjaLinks in to a half working state, and is doing really well, but these two things are a tiny fraction of what I talked myself in to. I guess this goes back to what I said in my last entry about getting on with stuff and making the most of my time. (Although you guys perhaps misunderstood me… I mean to make the best of my “coding time” so that I have MORE free time for relaxing stuff like my gaming, the pets, etc)

Anyway, instead of the yearly recap, I’m going to talk about one of my Christmas presents. Karl bought me an Acer Aspire One. I had initially wanted the Asus EEE, but having spent some time with Rachael‘s when she came down last I found myself struggling with the keyboard. The AA1 keyboard is much more similar to that of my Dell so I can switch between the two effortlessly.

The whole idea of me getting a netbook is that it’ll help with this efficiency thing. I can code stuff on the move (in otherwise useless time) as well as more frequent access to my e-mail. I hope this helps me get my inbox back down to a more manageable level, especially as the e-mails I made promises about this time last year are still at the bottom of my bloody inbox.

So… the Acer. It is the Linux version (+5 geek points), with an 8GB solid state drive (means I can chuck the thing around!) and 512MB RAM. I’ve ordered an 8GB Micro SD card which — in the M-SD to SD adapter — I can slot in to the side using the specifically made expansion slot. I can also use the card minus the adapter for my mobile phone… not that I ever actually do anything with that.

I’ve already tweaked Linpus (the OS) about, but haven’t made any major changes. I installed Firefox 3 (it’s better behaved under Linux, I’ve found), ditched the unnecessary apps to free up drive space and added a custom desktop wallpaper (this probably sounds like no big deal but I am a Windows girl and it took me a while to figure out where to go!) Those of you interested in the process of tweaking Linpus may find my acer-tagged delicious bookmarks of use.

Of course, if I get too used to Linux, this can only mean one thing for the Dell…

New Year, New Habits

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Ho Ho Ho!

Given that for the next day or so I’ll be rushing around here, there and everywhere, I thought it right that I post today and wish everyone a very merry Christmas, and good luck in advance of 2009. May your days be filled with good food, drink (if you’re so inclined) and festive cheer. PS…. read full entry »


I came across via Hacker News last week. The idea is that you enter in your domain and a password, and it generates some HTML for you which allows visitors to upload files via your site, except the uploads are sent to uploadthingy. It basically takes away the hassle of having to deal with… read full entry »

Furry Friday: Guest Furries

This week’s Furry Friday post is brought to you courtesy of my Mummy. These two fine specimens are her boys; both Siamese; Merlin is the silver seal tabby point, Billi the chocolate point. (I’m sure if I’ve got those wrong she’ll correct me in a comment… *hint hint*) Sure, they were expensive, but they’re not… read full entry »

Quilting Bee Blog Day 2008

So, Monday was the quilting bee‘s annual blog day. As I’m sure you’re aware by now — either from my own past entries or from other bee’s — the idea is that dedicated members tell you why they love the club, what it provides for them, show you what activities they’ve taken part in, whatever;… read full entry »

The Blogmonster!

Huh, so how’s about this then. A non-WordPress blog? As you may have gathered from the swearing yesterday, I had a few problems with WordPress 2.7. The changes they made to the various comments file seemed to disagree with my 16,000-ish comments, and so MySQL kept dying. There was also a faulty redirect causing stupid… read full entry »

WordPress 2.7 Can Suck My Balls

At this precise moment in time I’m supposed to be telling you all about why I love the quilting bee. I was going to break the news about the secret upcoming project that’s going to increase the interactivity of the club tenfold and convince all you naysayers to finally get off your butts and join;… read full entry »

No Lube, Only Oxo

Sorry, we can’t find lube, so why not cover your rudey bits in stock cubes instead… Nice.

Furry Friday: Wet n Wild

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Downgrading Firefox

While everyone is busy upgrading their WordPress, I spent this morning downgrading Firefox. As most of you will likely remember, I upgraded to Firefox 3 on download day and was “quite happy” with it. The excitement was fairly short-lived, unfortunately. I’ve been having problems with Firefox for a couple of months. I’d close the browser… read full entry »