I almost feel like this entry should be extra special as it’s my 10th Pants Award, but as I’m too cold to surf I’m settling for mediocrity.

FARK OATH . COM was mentioned to me because of Waks Ask & Answer. You know it by now, the terminally shite ask and answer script that I’m slowly campaigning to have removed from the Internet. Of course, as per usual it was something else — something small — that actually caught my attention; I quote:

I really hate it when site owners leave bitchy, critical message’s on your site. Fair enough if they know what their talking about, but not if they dont.

Ignoring the misplaced apostrophe in “message’s” that would be better suited to “dont” and their instead of “they’re” it was the underlying message in this entry that made me smirk. Dan, the site owner, believes that you shouldn’t criticise people unless you know what you’re talking about. This sounds perfectly reasonable but begs the question why she then goes on to criticise another webmaster? Her own grasp of English leaves a lot to be desired and her code wouldn’t be out of place on the piczo sites she flippantly belittles elsewhere on the site.

Apparently she’s called the “computer girl” at school. If she’s at a level that is considered above and beyond the norm for her age it makes me wonder what kind of crap they’re being taught to put the other kids below her. Heyho, international levels of education is not my beef here.

Under “NOOBS” (my favourite section of the site) we’re told that Dan is “Doing [her] best to help out the people in which need helping“… If I in which need helping, who’s going to in which help me? Will it be Dan with her in which helpful tutorials? Oddly written sentences aside, it’s here we find the shoddily written tutorials for shoddily written scripts: a CSS “nav” tutorial identical to the one on swimshit/ other wank personal site with tutorials; a redistributed Waks A&A; a tutorial on stopping Waks hackers that in no way fixes the massive hole caused by the lack of sanitisation in the $_GET and $_POST data; customising aMAILzing, but no mention of the virus or spam redistribution possibilities; and adding a sidebar include with some badly coded, absolute positioned <div>s that in no way fit.. well, anyone’s layout.

Dan: for thinking you have a “kickarse” life when your blog features the same drivel as everyone else’s, for bragging about coding that my 3 year old niece could better, and for redistributing/recommending scripts that don’t belong on any sane person’s website… here’s my 10th Pants Award:

pants award

Feel free to direct link :3

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  1. Sarah said:
    On July 12, 2008 at 11:47 pm

    No comments yet? Hmph.
    Awesome tenth award, Jem. =D

  2. Jem said:
    On July 13, 2008 at 1:04 pm

    The comments were lost when I moved over to WordPress from my custom CMS. I need to re-import :X