BarbiLee Brings on the W-T-Fs Part 2

By the time I was half way through what I wanted to publish about BarbiLee yesterday it was 1am and a combination of drink-fuelled exhaustion and common sense forced me to finally give up and go to bed. This means you have to sit through another loony post, but it really does give you a massive indication of the kind of how many types of crazy BarbiLee actually is.

Firstly, as the contents of her homepage has now changed to some random wha-wha message about how she’s a big victim I’ll start with a screenshot of the original:

[img: threats on homepage]

You can clearly see her admitting to having retained Vera’s home details there, and the full screencap is linked.

Next I feel it worth mention the pickly of a diddle that involves “pajamasam70”. There’s a certain hatelisting style website out there stating that Pajama Sam is a retard and that he sucks. (Their words, not mine.) Another website, which is now closed off so I can’t link to it/gather screenshots, stated that BarbiLee had been to the cops and was prosecuting this Pajama Sam because he’d been harassing her. The problem I have with this story is that this Pajama Sam dude mysteriously showed up to spam blogs after Barbi was reviewed and oh, would you look at that.. had the same IP as both Barbi and her supposed boyfriend.

I looked into this, even going so far as scouring their ISP’s website (PenTeleData) and there’s no mention anywhere on the site of forcing shared IPs like AOL frequently do. In fact, the cable/DSL services that they’re on — information kindly provided by Barbi’s own stats — both have either static or dynamic IPs… but as mentioned, not shared. So the only way that Pajama Sam could possibly have the same IP is if he were sat in Barbi Lee’s back garden mooching off her Internet, and this of course assumes they have unprotected wireless. (The chances are slim.)

Further investigation (a 30 second Google search, hehe) shows that Pajama Sam has a liking for wrestling. His YouTube account has wrestling clips and his wikipedia talk page has mentions of reverted edits to wrestler pages. Funny that, because Barbi’s “boyfriend” really likes wrestling too. What a coincedence. The same hobbies, both apparently know Barbi and both come from the same IP. It wouldn’t be too big a leap to assume that either Justin does exist, and likes to pretend to be some dude called Pajama Sam, or Barbi is Barbi and Justin and Pajama Sam. Complex!

At this stage, I’m scarily aware that everytime I read one of Barbi’s comments or posts my IQ drops a few points, but for those who’ve not had the privilege of scouring through it all looking for legal juice, here’s a few screenshots to keep you amused: a series of spam comments; it was all my boyfriend!; more threats (ip disguised because it’s current); and lastly her words of wisdom for little ol’ moi.

It is of course worth mentioning that the only person who thinks Barbi is sane at this stage is Barbi. She was banned from Kawaiiville (along with the second account that allegedly belonged to Justin) even before I got around to writing my post, banned from Snark for spamming us to death with her illiterate tirades of abuse and and despite more than one IP ban at various sites, continues to send abuse. Oh dear.

And I definitely prefer the British spelling of pyjama!

An Update (31st Dec)

The reactions I’ve received to the past two posts are — unsurprisingly — coming in thick and fast. While I don’t want to give away too much of my good evidence, the following screenshots give a clear insight into Crazy B’s true personality. I just want to point out in advance that they do contain profanity so if you’re of a fragile nature, you probably don’t want to read any further.

BarbiLee mocks Tiara, a girl who lost her baby son, calling her a “baby killer” (removed at owners request); BarbiLee pretends to be someone else, calls Tiara a whore (amongst other things); BarbiLee mocks Tiara again through a popular MySpace forum; BarbiLee calls Beth a slut/whore, threatens her with the law; Justin and BarbiLee take it in turns to insult Beth; further threats, BarbiLee calls Beth a “child molesting cunt”; yet more abuse aimed at Beth and finally; a comment live on Beth’s site filled with nastiness.

Pretty sick shit from a pretty deranged mind.

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