Merry Christmas!

I know I’ve already done this once, and individually for many, but I wanted to re-post a ‘Merry Festive Season’ notice for all. Whatever you celebrate (if you celebrate), have a good one. Remember to have fun, drink responsibly, don’t feed your pets ‘off’ turkey. ;)

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Reviewed: Elizabeth Site URL: I am reviewing what I assume is your default skin; “A Special Hiding Place”. Gosh, another site that seems to be aimed at those running high-speed connections. Slowly, I see a delightful photograph appear in front of my eyes. Despite the pointless ‘line’ effect you’ve added to it, it gives… read full entry »

Christmas Spirit?

I have noticed while browsing other people’s blogs a general increase in the publication of opinions on various subjects recently. From breastfeeding in avatars, to 13yr olds in love. It’s the Christmas season, where is the love? I’d like to think that some of you remember your youth. Christmas is a time to let the… read full entry »

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Reviewed: Li Site URL: I think I might go and make a coffee while I wait for the site to load. My connection has been slow these past few days, so I’m beginning to appreciate the boredom that dial-up users suffer while they wait for larger layouts to load. The 274Kb of top image… read full entry »

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Reviewed: Candice Site URL: Ouch! 205Kbs worth of top image. This is nothing for my funky cable connection, but dial-up users may have an issue with it. It’s already a .gif, which is great – but is there any way you could decrease the area of the image, thus decreasing the file size, without… read full entry »

IE Worm Warning

I was supposed to post this yesterday, and forgot… There’s a new worm floating about that targets iframes, exploiting bugs in MSIE and installing itself automatically. Apparently it only affects Windows 2000 and Windows XP service pack 1, so if you’re running either of these then I suggest you switch to Mozilla if you haven’t… read full entry »

Merry December!

Pinch, punch, first post of the month! I guess I can now officially announce I failed my first NaNoWriMo. In fact, “failed” is an understatement. While most of you participants were busting your guts to get to 50,000 words, I was watching TV and forgetting all about the challenge I’d set myself. I obviously have… read full entry »

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Reviewed: Cissi Site URL: Eek! What have you done to your website? The text was big and chunky and readable. Now it’s small and harder to read. Okay, seriously, your text is still readable, but if you’re aiming for better accessibility like you say, then surely the larger text size which you were using… read full entry »

Microsoft Cocked Up

For all you Mozilla Firefox users on my friends list, you’ll get a mega kick out of this article:

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Reviewed: Elea Site URL: “Aww, just look at those cute little doggies!” As first impressions go, I am impressed. You’ve made me smile, and given me high hopes for your website. I was slightly let down by the fact that you’re using a silver-style layout yet have a lavender/purple background. I don’t quite see… read full entry »

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Reviewed: Mysti Site URL: Oh my, 458Kb worth of over-used celebrity top image. Unoriginal and repetitive are my first impressions. Even with the “trendy” brush effects you’ve added, it doesn’t exactly strike me as interesting. Already I wonder if the rest of your site will be this over done. Just a note; I saved… read full entry »

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Reviewed: Loz Site URL: First, I want to start off by pointing out that your comment “please be nice ” on the submit form was pointless. I am always nice. If others perceive me as harsh or unfair, that is their own problem, and something they will have to deal with themselves. Now that… read full entry »